Holiday Gift Idea: Hand Painted Silk Scarves

With Christmas season looming over us, gift ideas are a dime a dozen on the internet. Today, we have come up with an interesting item that works amazingly well as a Christmas holiday gift and can also be used all year round. We’re talking about none other than hand painted silk scarves.

Irrespective of the fact that the recipient of the gift is a guy or a woman, hand painted silk scarves serve a great holiday gift because of their sheer utilitarian value. But that’s not all – below are four reasons why you should definitely feature hand painted silk scarves on your Christmas gift list this year.


Unique silk scarves

  1. They make a unique gift

While one may already have hundreds of scarves in their wardrobe already, a hand painted silk scarf that you gift will still hold a unique place as each hand painted silk scarf is different. Since they are hand painted, no two scarves are ever same. This makes them a thoughtful gift as you’re gifting your loved ones a truly one-of-a-kind gift.


  1. They are a great winter accessory

Winter is coming and thus the season of biting chill in the air. A good quality hand painted scarf is the perfect gift for this Christmas season as not only does it accentuate the grace of long jackets and cute sweaters but when adorned properly, a silk scarf is a great way to beat the cold and protect your neck and ears from the chill. And of course, there is the ever-present oomph factor that gets added to your fashion quotient with silk scarves. So go gift hand painted silk scarves to your near and dear ones and see them launching new fashion trends with a few simple knots.


  1. They never need to get into the closet

Scarves, by their very nature, can be utilized all year round. Especially for women, silk scarves make for a great year-long clothing item. During the fall season, the scarves can be worn around the neck to make you comfortable. In winters, they can be put on to keep your neck and ears warm and cozy against the wind and the cold, while also complementing your winter wardrobe. When spring approaches, you can wear it around your neck while in the summertime, silk scarves can be worn around the hips for a quirky look.


  1. Silk is a great fabric

Though not a prominent factor but an added positive nonetheless, hand painted silk scarves also come with some positive health-related effects. This is because of the silk that is woven to make these beautiful scarves. Because of its light and cooling nature, silk, and thus silk scarves have a soothing effect on the skin by allowing your body to breathe. Meanwhile, silk has been reportedly known to have anti-acne effects on the face as well.


So don’t spend more time figuring out the perfect holiday gift for this Christmas. Go on and gift your loved ones hand-painted silk scarves and see them go ga-ga over your choice.



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