What Makes Hand Painted Silk Scarves The Best Gift For Her

The fall and the festive season, both have finally arrived. And along with them has arrived the time of giving gifts to your loved ones. It is already a daunting task for guys to find “perfect” gifts for anyone – however, the difficulty level goes some notches up when the recipient is your girlfriend or wife. While guys usually fixate on gadgets and similar “toys”, finding a suitable gift for women comes with a challenge of picking something that is both unique, trendy and beautiful.

What Do The 21st Century Women Want?

Nowadays, there has been a growing urge among females to have accessories that are non-branded. Accessories that are unique and one-of-a-kind scream of “culture” and having a personal sense of style.

Gifting your better half something that is truly only hers will definitely have you labeled as a thoughtful and smart person.

And what better than to gift her something that she can use every day and flaunt it to her friends and colleagues.

A Unique & Thoughtful Gift for Her

While there are several expensive gifts for her that you can buy, a very underrated option is a hand painted silk scarf, which scores high on several points that set ordinary gifts apart from special ones. Apart from screaming style and providing comfort, unique hand painted silk scarves boast of exclusivity as they can be personalised and custom tailored to suit the tastes of the recipients. You can choose specific themes and/or patterns for the design of the scarves for another touch of uniqueness.

Even if you don’t want to go that far, hand-painted silk scarves make for great gift option for her because of the high value they provide in terms of comfort and fashion. During winters when temperatures drop, the options to dress fashionably get limited owing to bulky woolen jackets and blazers. This is right where silk scarves shine as they add a subtle touch of charm and grace to an outfit while also providing protection from chilly winds to the neck region. Moreover, hand painted silk scarves bring to the table, a degree of versatility as they can be paired with both professional outfits as well as casual dresses.


Why Silk – The Benefits of Silk Fabric

Silk as a fabric is widely considered as extremely good for your skin. Several studies have found that silk holds antimicrobial properties and can thus help keep skin clear of breakouts as opposed to cotton. Silk is also beneficial to those who might suffer allergies from certain types of materials. So whatever be the occasion, a hand painted silk scarf is a gift that can be utilised all the time and your better half will definitely thank you for this thoughtful gift.


Where Can I Get These Personalised Scarves Designed?

Now as for where can you get these exquisite hand painted silk scarves, there are several outlets on the internet where you can order silk scarves. Among those several outlets, I am renowned for the amount of personalization that I am able to inject into the the scarves.

You can let me know the kind of design that she loves, the kind of style she sports and based on your answers, we can truly craft an one of a kind hand painted silk scarf for her.

So what kind of a Christmas gift for her are you planning to buy – a mass-produced expensive gift or a personalised gift that has been meticulously thought through? Have a look at my available silk scarves on Etsy or get inspired by some custom designed silk scarves I created for my customers.

Let me know in the comments section below.


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