It is hard to find a unique product, which is not massproduced and sold across chains of stores throughout the world. At the same time, it is hard to find honest and genuinely hand made products in today’s influx of printed, computer designed and copied items.

I paint all my life – I’ve been studying art since kindergarten and never stopped painting. It used to be mainly painting on canvas – acrylic and aquarelle. You can check out my pictures on my separate portfolio website.

I wanted to make my art available to more people. Paintings make amazing gifts, but you can’t take artbubble silk scarvesthem with you when going out. I wanted my customers to be proud of their art even during their wanders throughout the world. I started to look for ways how to achieve this and one of the first ideas was silk scarves – such an majestic yet delicate material, and people can take my paintings on it anywhere with them.

That’s how the idea of wearable and practical art was born.

After researching the types of silk and their production, I decided to use ahimsa silk – whose production doesn’t harm the moth that produces the silk.

I ordered the silk directly from India and in a few weeks I was already trying new types of colours and new techniques on this new canvas. It is important to have the right colours for silk. It is also important to stretch silk in a way that doesn’t damage it.

artbubble-silk-scarves-hodvabne-satkyThe entire process of painting on silk is much more delicate compared to painting on canvas – mainly because of colour dillution and spreading – one paintbrush touch can spread into a much bigger area and it’s hard to know how big. Each paint behaves sligthly differently, each type of silk too.

But this creates room for new possibilities of painting and improvisation. A skilled hand can turn these challenges into advantages :).

My inspiration comes from travels around the world, animals or spirituality – I like bright colours that show the diversity of our world, but at the same time, it’s unity.

Because the process of painting each silk scarf is precise and slow, every piece is unique. By buying one of my silk scarves, you will get a unique and one of a kind product that no one else in the world will be able to buy 🙂.