Hand painted & custom silk scarves and shawls – luxury gifts

Hi, I’m Gabriela and I create uniqueness and luxury art & help people give really unique gifts.

I design and paint unique and one of a kind ahimsa (peace) silk scarves and shawls. 

Each scarf is prepared and hand painted one at a time.

There are no copies, only limited originals – a perfect gift worn by only one person in the world.

Give a gift, that willl say it for you…

Painted by hand on luxury ecologically produced peace silk from India.
I can also paint an even more personal custom silk scarf for you, using your photos and my style. Just drop me a line.



ARTbubble Silk Scarves – wearable art you won’t find in the shops.

Be unique, stand out, be YOU.

Custom hand painted silk scarves

Best gift is a unique and memorable gift. I’m happy to help you create it – using your ideas and my creativity to paint a one of a kind scarf. The receiver of such a gift will surely appreciate the thought and owning the only piece of such a scarf in the world.

  • favourite colours and style of the receiver of this gift
  • specific theme / style, for example: animals, flowers, India, Tim Burton etc. – imagination has no limits 🙂
  • custom size
  • world wide shipping

Get inspired by some of my previous custom made scarves

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[title show_line=”false” line_width=”90px” title=”WHY AHIMSA SILK SCARVES?” desc=”Why did I choose ahimsa (peace) silk from India? Why painting on silk? Find out more here.” line_color=”#ff7600″ desc_fontsize=”1em” title_fontsize=”2em”]
painting a silk scarf by hand