“Hi, I’m your new silk scarf, I’ll last for a very long time, if you take care of me like this.  :-)”

When you wash me:

  • wash me by hand and gently in lukewarm water (30 degrees)
  • you can use a simple shampoo to wash me – yep, the one you use on your hair
  • CAUTION – never use fabric softener and don’t leave me in water for a long time
  • don’t wring me, just leave me to dry naturally (not on a hot radiator), or let the water soak into a towel
  • don’t dry me in direct sunlight, my colours will fade
  • don’t dry me in a drier, just stretch me on a towel and let dry
  • you can iron me still wet or dry on the reverse side, using SILK temperature setting, you can use a cotton sheet to cover me if you want
  • don’t sprinkle me when ironing, I would start showing stains

When you wear me:

  • careful when wearing me close to sharp objects, jewellry, belts, zippers etc. 
  • keep parfumes and hair sprays away from me
  • don’t store me in a plastic case, I might turn more yellowish or catch mold
  • as I am completely natural, little crawlies like moths like to eat me, so please protect me with appropriate solutions or a lavender bag